Point of Balance

A brief history, an encounter with the upstairs neighbour, a knock on the door, a plate of food, a spurned lover and a visit from an old friend. Take a journey from the real to the fantastic in these six new works from Lemon Tree Writers.

Point of Balance, a collection of stories by Pamela Shand, Morag Skene, Sam Fleming and Haworth Hodgkinson, was launched at Better Read Books, Ellon, on Friday 13 September 2013 and at the Aberdeen Douglas Hotel on Saturday 14 September 2013.

Published by Lemon Tree Writers, and with a cover by Mark O’Brien, the book is available to buy at any Lemon Tree Writers event.

Pamela Shand writes in both English and Doric and recently published her first book, Unrequited Love, with co-author Yvonne Heald. Pamela often takes her inspiration from art work. Lily Girl came to mind after seeing the painting Gallowgate Lard by Ken Currie.

For more about and from Pam visit: www.literallines.co.uk

Morag Skene Morag Skene‘s writing has been featured in various anthologies, broadcast on local and national radio, and performed on stage. Her last musical play, The Hoose, won the Creative Culture Scotland Best Cultural Event of 2011 Award. North East born and bred, she feels strongly that her writing should contain at least a portion of what she calls her Aiberdeen tongue.
Sam Fleming Sam Fleming is a Fife-born scientist who writes speculative fiction from hard scifi to horror, and all sorts of places in between. Sam was a winner in the 2010 Campaign for Real Fear, and has been published by Dagan Books and TTA Press.

For more about and from Sam visit: www.ravenbait.com

Haworth Hodgkinson Haworth Hodgkinson is a poet and playwright, composer and improvising musician, whose work often involves collaboration with other writers, musicians, dancers and visual artists, as well as solo performances combining poetry and music.

Find him at: www.haworthhodgkinson.co.uk

Mark O'Brien Mark O’Brien is a London-born artist who can occasionally be found hypnotising rocks on beaches in Aberdeenshire and elsewhere in Scotland. His work, including the cover, is available as prints, t-shirts and other items at Redbubble.

More at: www.alibarbarella.com


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