Lemonista Limericks

When 4 lines are simply not enough
A Lemonista who lived in St Cyrus
became 'manic-depressed' through the virus.
Deeply glum then euphoric,
he swore loudly in Doric
and hoped his rude words would inspire us.
the only good thing 'bout this virus
is that writers can rhyme with St Cyrus
when they've thought what to write
neither boring nor trite
they can scribble down words on papyrus 
An Egyptian god named Osirus
was found to have died of the virus.
Exhumed from his tomb,
he floats on the spume,
nibbled by the seals off St Cyrus.
A Culter loon foun a cure fir the virus
bit the ootcome wisnae affa desirous,
fir his vaccine failed
an he wis impaled.
Noo he's feedin thae seals aff St Cyrus.
A winsome wee wifie fae Fittie,
whiles writin a lang, couthy ditty,
spilled ink oan the page,
flew intae a rage
an dee'd, apoplectic, nae pretty.
I plan to pen a villanelle,
there to tell how the virus to quell,
but by Jove and by Ovid!
I have no rhyme for Covid!
Might a limerick do just as well?
I'd now try a simple quatrain
the pandemic course to explain
and why this virus
was sent to try us
but science is not my domain.
Villanelles and quatrains may be fun
But what good have they actually done?
While we fear this pandemic'll
Resist every chemical
What use is poetry?  None.
Oh Sir!  For shame!  I demand your name!
As a poet, your words are profane.
How can you deduce
poetry's no use,
deny my villanelles and quatrains?
I'll respect villanelles for their purity,
fight to save your quatrains from obscurity,
yet I still feel that verse
whether good, bad or worse,
can create a false sense of security.
In limerick wars hours have gone,
the verbal campaign's raging on.
It's academical,
this pandemic'll
end up with quatrains at dawn!
Confronting viruses generally,
scientists attack biochemically.
When medicine cannot cure,
poetry helps us endure.
This I propose - hypothetically.
What good might poetry do
against a virus worse than flu?
Can an ode or elegy
sonnet or soliloquy
be bottled to save me and you? 
A heavenly haiku might soothe
or a sensuous sonnet smooth
a fevered brow,
help somehow,
Corona life to improve.

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