Episode 3

Stone Code

If you haven’t heard of the hidden Knights Templar treasure and Rosslyn Chapel then where have you been? Didn’t you see the film? Read the book? Here, Roger Meachem tells how he solved the problem of the mysterious stone tablets that adorn the chapel. He used an unorthodox approach, but it succeeded and he found the treasure – and lost it. He leaves you the information he discovered and if you think you’re clever enough to understand it, then perhaps the treasure will be yours.

Roger Meachem is a writer and modern-storyteller. All his tales contain facts (and at least one fib). The fun is in deciding which is which. This story, told by Roger, has not been published (yet).

Stone Code also clears up another longstanding mystery – Scottish Oatcakes. It turns out that (according to Roger) they shouldn’t be the hard, dry, but tasty biscuits you find everywhere in Scotland. They should be the savoury gallete – the Staffordshire Oatcake – that you find in R’s birthplace, the six towns a.k.a Stoke-on-Trent.

If this podcast convinces you then try making them for yourself. Herewith Roger’s recipe:

Equal amounts of fine oatmeal and strong flour. 150g of each makes 12 plate-size Staffordshire oatcakes.

1 tsp salt.

1 full teaspoon dried yeast & 1 tsp sugar

1 L warm water

Mix salt, oatmeal and flour well. Add a little warm water to the yeast/sugar mix and leave this to become frothy (5 mins).

Now mix everything together to make a runny batter. Leave this in a warm place (covered) for an hour.

Stir well before use. Pour a third of a ladle of the mixture into a hot greased frying pan. The mixture should form an oatcake about 15 -20 cm wide. Cook over medium hot heat for 2 -3 mins without turning. Then loosen the oatcake and flip it over. Cook again on the other side for 2 mins.

Eat warm or hot with any filling you like.

Each episode begins and ends with excerpts from ‘Rain’ by Martin Stephenson, sung by Helen McCookerybook.

Sound effects under licence from Zapsplat

The author retains copyright to Stone Code