Peter Noble

…in his own words

the beach and trains are recurring topics

I began writing poetry about 2006. I joined the Lemon Tree Writers in about 2008. Previously I had studied English Literature at the University of Edinburgh. I began writing poetry and have had a few poems published through United Press. I have had several poems published but during lockdown felt the time was right for a collection. The poems in the collection are varied and have several influences. Ben Okri and Mark Knopfler are great influences.

during lockdown felt the time was right for a collection

The book was put together building on publishing experience I have had with United Press. The cover was done by myself and have tried to keep it simple. The beach and trains are recurring topics for me. The image of the cover is about the flow of the sea. The book is a collection of writing over the last five years. I hope it is able to be enjoyed.

Ben Okri and Mark Knopfler are great influences

Here’s a taster from Peter’s collection
Sitting on pier side
Waiting for time to wave in
Sitting on pier side
Those bucket and spade days
Long gone.  Recent history.

All the beach set for days out
English summer with a breeze
And decking getting older too.

Some old idea of counting shells
Making sand castles
When years slip by in afternoons.

Yes to making interest,
Job to count waves
And leisurely arrive at answers to world problems
Like traffic in jams

Less of the order and more hazy sunshine
Living with ease and measuring the seas.
Britain oscillating on an axis of ocean time

Boats out in deeper seas
Sell the idea of sitting on pier side.

Diesel Song

Long train sits waiting in the station, arrived.
The clock yellow and digital ticks onwards to the departure time.
Seagulls rest by platform and shake a leg.

Great and good wait for the time to board
Tickets put through the slot and the barrier is opened.
An intercity 125 probably, the only shape in town.

Diesel makes a roar confident and independent
Evangelical in its musical tune of thrust and thirst.
A good enough engine that gets us there.

On leaving the station thoughts of mechanics strike a chord
Suitable for the time.
Diesel has some answers for the world.

Diesel doesn't sound cool,
Diesel doesn't mess around,
Diesel does its job.

And so from station to station the diesel engine pulls us along
into rusty home from home.

Peter’s poetry collection is available for sale to members of Lemon Tree Writers for £10.

Please email Peter to arrange payment and postage.