Episode 2

Ian Anderson’s poem, Doric Anthem for Doomed England, is read here by Ian and discussed by host, Roger Meachem. A few details are given about Doric itself and Ian chooses a couple of historical facts about Scotland to share with us.

If you would like to hear more Doric as its spoken now in the North East of Scotland you’ll find examples on You Tube.

For books written in Scots visit the Scots Language Centre website which has a list of publishers. Read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stane, or Kidnappit (in graphic novel form).

Below is a copy of the poem in full. Copyright remains with the author, Ian Anderson. To be released on Thursday 21st May 2020.

Ian Anderson lives in Aberdeen with his wife Dominique – who is originally from Paris and who is also a member of Lemon Tree Writers. They share an interest in all sorts of writing, particularly poetry.

Also in the Anderson household are Harvey the dog and four cats. (Harvey has stipulated that the cats, if mentioned, should at least not be named.)

Ian grew up speaking Doric. He has an anthology The Last Golden Leaf published in 2017. More of his poetry is to be included in the Doric Board’s anthology The Hale Clamjamfrey. You’ll also find him in Leopard Magazine under the pseudonym JS Murison. Don’t be confused by the presence in that same magazine of another Ian Anderson (also a poet) who has no connection to the Doric Ian.

Ian’s choice of three countries that have influenced him:

Image by Paul Doyle from Pixabay

Opening and closing music on this podcast was from Rain by Martin Stephenson, sung by Helen McCookerybook.

Background sound effects under licence from Zapsplat.