Query Letter are an American company providing help to would-be authors in promoting their work. We have no knowledge of this company, but they’ve been in touch to tell us of their competition with cash prize:
Write and submit a back cover blurb of 100 words or fewer that sets the stage for a novel, establishes the characters, and raises the stakes in a way that makes readers want to find out more.

For info go to:

The eagerly awaited Lemon Tree Writers’ podcast is live! Three episodes have been broadcast to date with more to follow every fortnight. Check out the LTW Perennial Porridge Pot Podcast page for details and links.

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Lesley Benzie’s second collection of poetry, FESSEN/Reared, has been launched online via a Facebook link. Books and Beans will also have a link to the online launch. Originally from Aberdeen, Benzie has settled in Kirriemuir, following 25 years of working and raising a family in Glasgow. There … Continue reading