Lemon Tree Writers on Blurbcast

Book in hand photo by Kourosh Qaffari on Unsplash. Listening photo by Robin Higgins on Pixabay.com

Blurb4all.com is a virtual bookshop where gradually Blurbcasts will fill the shelves with books from both new and established writers.

Whenever a member of the Lemon Tree Writers‘ group takes part in a Blurbcast, this page (and e-mail) will notify you.

Two January 2021 Blurbcasts are now available:

Blurbcast 1: Queen’s Gambit – A story of a chess prodigy – written by the same author who wrote: The Man who fell to Earth. – Walter Tevis.

A well known Scottish Author, James Robertson has a new take on the opening of Treasure Island, in his collection of tales: 365. (You’ll find it on 27th June: Jack and the Captain.)

Galileo’s Other Job is a short story by Roger Meachem (First published in Jellyfish Review May 2017 and now available on Blurb4all.com)– It’s reveals the dreadful secret of that early scientist’s riches.

Blurbcast 2: Listen to Martin Walsh’s rich story-telling voice reading part of Momodu, one of his African tales. Hear about Book of Negroes 2007 award winning novel from Canadian writer Lawrence Hill. Dip your toes into Tim Marshall’s Prisoners of Geography – you’ll see African and world history in a different light.

You can listen to Martin read all of Momodu on You Tube. Go to You Tube and type in Momodu by Martin Walsh.

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