Frost on the Tassie

A celebration of all things festive

Published in 2014 by Lemon Tree Writers, and with a cover illustration by Mandy Briggs, Frost on the Tassie is available from bookshops or at any Lemon Tree Writers event.

Held on a crisp mid-December morning, the last Lemon Tree Writers meeting of the year has now become a celebration of all things festive where group members are invited to bring along stories, poems and songs to share. At our 2013 Christmas meeting, it was pointed out that the group had amassed a rich and varied body of original pieces and how nice it would be if they were all brought together into one collection.

Christmas remains a popular, if awkward, theme for writers. From Charles Dickens to Enid Blyton to Noddy Holder, the top wordsmiths of the day have picked up their pens on hot summer evenings and tried to capture the log fires, sparkling trees and over-stuffed turkey that will delight readers several months later. That we writers can cheat the seasons like this is impressive, but perhaps less so when you consider how dreich and miserable Aberdeen summers can be.

Whether you buy this book or are given it as a last minute stocking filler, we hope you enjoy the Lemon Tree Writers take on the season.

Frost on the Tassie was launched on Saturday 8 November 2014 at Old Torry Community Centre and the Aberdeenshire launch was on Friday 12 December 2014 at Better Read Books in Ellon.

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