One-Eyed Jack

One-Eyed Jack, a collection of poems and prose by Knotbrook Taylor, A. C. Long, Ann Nicol and Colin Edwards, was launched at the Aberdeen Douglas Hotel on Saturday 16 February 2013.

Published by Lemon Tree Writers, and with cover artwork by Cameron Fraser, the book is available to buy at any Lemon Tree Writers event.


Knotbrook Taylor

Based in Angus, Knotbrook Taylor is a poet and performer; his first collection Beatitudes is now available. He is a founder member of the Blue Salt Collective, a multimedia group of poets working with dance, image and sound. Currently writer in residence at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses, he launched his book Scottish Lighthouse Poems in 2011. This is available from the Museum. He is urrently working on a new collection.

A. C. Long

A. C. Long writes: “I feel I have lived around five lives and hope like a cat to make it at least to nine.”

Ann Nicol

Ann Nicol has been writing for many years, mostly in the Doric, and has been fortunate to have short stories and articles published in various magazines and in anthologies over the years. She also attempts poetry in the Doric and has had one or two accepted for publication. The thought of writing a novel has not entered her head — she is too lazy.

Colin Edwards

As a child Colin Edwards was shy and sullen and somewhat stubborn, in math class he drew cartoons, in music class he learned a few numbers and when the art lesson was over he didn’t want to leave. At some point he discovered books, not the kind you were supposed to read for school, the kind you couldn’t put down. That was when the writing habit started.

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