Lemon Zest 2021 – forthcoming anthology

Submissions window now closed. Eddie Gibbons and his editorial team have made their selections. Our new anthology is almost ready for publication!

Watch this space

Title announcement coming soon!

Submission Guidelines for members of Lemon Tree Writers



The Lemon Tree Writers will be producing an Anthology of writing to showcase the group’s best work with an aimed publication in time for Christmas 2021. The Anthology will be a Lemon Zest 2 – same format/ high quality. Final book title tbc. The anthology will be edited by Eddie Gibbons, working with an independent selection panel of former members, and produced by Lumphanan Press.

This is a general call out for submissions from all Lemon Tree Writers with a closing date of Sunday 1st August 2021 at 5pm. NB The closing date has been brought forward by two weeks. Early submission appreciated.

Short Stories, Poetry and Stage Script Welcome.

We would like to see work that has been carefully thought through and developed and would strongly recommend that writers first submit to the Script, gain feedback from the group, and then edit and develop their work as appropriate prior to submission to the anthology.

Submission Guidelines.

  • up to maximum 3 poems
  • and/or
  • up to maximum 2 prose pieces

Short Story/ Flash Fiction

  • Can be on any subject or theme.
  • Up to 3000 words for short stories – shorter pieces preferred.
  • Up to 500 words for flash fiction.
  • Indent each new paragraph – do not use line breaks unless beginning a new section (change of scene / time etc)
  • Indicate the beginning of a new section with a line break without indent.
  • Use single speech quotation marks for dialogue, ‘like this’.
  • Change of speaker on a new line.


  • No restriction on form, subject or theme
  • Max 30 lines per poem


  • Short Stage Sketch scripts only please (just because we are producing this Anthology with readers in mind and stage script tends to read better than film / radio)
  • Length – aim to produce a sketch of at least five minutes, and no more than ten minutes in duration.
  • Any genre welcome – it can be comedy, tragedy, whimsical or deep – just bear in mind we’re short on space and for a reader dialogue or monologue is going to be key.
  • Use appropriate script layout formats.

We can’t guarantee that everyone who submits will find space in the anthology but do hope to showcase the full cross section of Lemon Tree Writers across the forms highlighted, and we would wish to encourage everyone to give this a go and submit – especially if you have not had work in print before – but please, please, please use the Script and get feedback! Then submit work that has been developed.

To submit to the Anthology, email the usual Script address:

  • Include ‘Anthology Submission’ in the subject header.
  • In the body of the email, list the titles of your submissions with word count for prose/ line numbers for poetry.
  • Attach your submissions as separate Word documents.
  • Use Times New Roman or Ariel font for submissions
  • Do not print your name or email address on any page of your submission.
  • The selection process will be anonymous.

We look forward to hearing and reading your work!