Lemon Zest

An anthology of poetry and prose by Lemon Tree Writers with an introduction by Ian Grosz.

Published by Lemon Tree Writers in 2018.

Book design by Lumphanan Press http://www.lumphananpress.co.uk

ISBN 978-0-9930319-2-2

Contributors: Ian Anderson, Richard Anderson, Sarah-Jane Bennison, Lesley Benzie, Mary Cane, Brenda Conn, Mathilda Skerpen Fongen, Rik Gammack, John Harvey, Ann Nicol, Robert Ramsay, Martin Walsh

The Lemon Tree Writers are an eclectic bunch writing in Doric, Scots and English, and in these pages you will find an equally eclectic range of prose and poetry that reflects the group’s writing: from the surreal and mysterious, to the evocative and thought provoking. Some of the work is playful and funny, some of it strange, some of it poignant, or resonating with a Sense of Place and the evocation of Landscape.

Ian Grosz

Chairman, Lemon Tree Writers, 2018

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